The word “fika” is an example of the back slang used in the 19th century, in which syllables of a word were reversed, deriving fika from kaffi, an earlier variant of the Swedish word kaffe (“coffee”)

It is a social institution in sweden meaning having a break, most often a coffee break, with…

The trip of a lifetime. 

I saw the Venice canals. Big Sur. The Golden Gate Bridge. I was kissed on the beach. I watched the sun set on Venice. I danced with an Irishman. I went on a Haunted Pub Crawl, I tried Voodoo Donuts. I bought local PDX artwork and went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I had Latin American food for the first time. I got invited to a Mariners game, I played pinball at Shorty’s in Belltown. I walked forty minutes back to my hotel after drinking too much whiskey. I saw a cabaret and tried absinthe for the first time. I reconnected with my cousin. I saw an anime at a local theater. I visited several tea houses. I tried Snitter and Belgian Beef Stew. I went out with a group of new-hires from Amazon (and drank way too much the day before my flight). I was congratulated for being beautiful. I walked around the Waterfront and the Pike Place Market. I had the trip of a lifetime.

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